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Dr Gary Ready to be Kinder to Yourself? Ten Steps… ““You knew that would happen!” “Can’t you do anything right?” Or how about: “Idiot!” Who’s saying all those mean things to you?”
cjervis S1235R & dF508 “Hi John. Sorry for not responding. I think I kind of shut the door on all things CF for awhile.”
adriexoxo Help spread awareness about Cystic Fibrosis!!! “Type up MccallMeMichael Thats his channel name and you can see all of his videos there :)”
healthinfoseeking Could you help me fill out a survey… “Dear friends, I am a graduate student and our research team is conducting an online survey about online health information seeking.”
sineads mum Looking for nz parents to chat to about… “You are not alone sinead has renal impairment and diabetes as well but it's exciting times with new drugs coming…”

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